Rollwasch Innovation and excellence since 1950

Rollwasch® activity was born in 1950 in via Argelati, in Milan, by its founder Giuseppe Redaelli. 

Rollwasch® is the first Italian company in the “barelling” field to be born in a period when the main machines were rotary barrels and the abrasives used were quarry or river stones conveniently selected. 

We have always been a cutting-edge company thanks to a constant and passionate research activity that has led Rollwasch® to keep up with the most modern technologies for metal and non-metal surfaces mass finishing. We have developed interesting records such as the first-ever high frequency vibrations machines for ball burnishing processes and the creation of an innovative products and machines series inspired to carbon footprint containment and environmental sustainability. Rollwasch® Italiana aims to a sustainable growth and in June 2015 it was certified in the new Innovative SME register – the first company in Milan and among the first in Italy.

Rollwasch® has also been part of the eminent Lombardia Aerospace Cluster since 2015, it is a founding partner of PoliEFUN (Politecnico di Milano) and it actively cooperates with Polimi (Politecnico di Milano).

Our company has always been managed since its origins by the same family, now at the third generation, with an experience and know-how heritage of great prestige at international level. 

In other respects, we are unique for the level of inventiveness and creativity, with about ten patent applications filed in the last ten years.

We are located north of Milan and our headquarters are served by the three main airports of the area, Malpensa, Linate and Orio al Serio (Bergamo). At Rollwasch® there is the right mix of experienced veterans and promising youngsters, motivated to face the challenges of the future.




Rollwasch® MISSION is to grant client’s satisfaction with its own services, products and technological solutions. To offer to the client products with the right quality/price ratio and machines that meet not only their expectations, but also operative reliability and efficiency criteria. To have transparent discussions, giving coherent and rapid feedbacks.

Rollwasch® VISION is to propose alternative solutions to conventional techniques, offering innovation, projects’ multi-disciplinary vision, high degree specialisation, affordable solutions and technologies, as much eco-friendly as possible and aiming to reduce carbon footprint.