Rollwasch COMPANY

Our company has always been managed since its origins by the same family, now at the third generation, with an experience and know-how heritage of great prestige at international level.

In other respects, we are unique for the level of inventiveness and creativity, with about ten patent applications filed in the last ten years.

We are located north of Milan and our headquarters are served by the three main airports of the area, Malpensa, Linate and Orio al Serio (Bergamo).

At Rollwasch® there is the right mix of experienced veterans and promising youngsters, motivated to face the challenges of the future.

Quality policy

While carrying out its mission, Rollwasch® Italiana SpA aims to generate value consistently for the customers, for human resources and for the Organisations which interface with the society, suppliers and the financial world, institutions and associations.

Always in respect of which the objectives are the quality and effectiveness of the relationships in the belief that this is the most correct way to achieve the primary purpose of any business initiative.

The value generation for the shareholders, to whom it is intended to ensure a stable increase over time in the value of the investment made, with constant attention to the sustainability of the policies supported.

It is Rollwasch® Italiana SpA’ s policy to pursue with determination, in the short and long term, the following objectives:

– Excellence in the quality of products and services provided;

– Guarantee of the satisfaction of the expressed and implicit needs of the Customer, in compliance with laws, regulations and company objectives;

– Guarantee of the success of the Company and its purposes, pursuing the set objectives;

– Integration of the various company management systems aimed at generating added value through the identification and realisation of all possible synergies;

– Continuous improvement of the processes carried out;

– Guarantee of a satisfying working environment aimed at involving and developing the staff and their skills in full respect of dignity and equal opportunities;

– Preservation of the ISO 9001 certification in addition to complying with the requirements requested to the suppliers in the aerospace sector from reference Customers in the sector;

– Provide Customers with quality services while keeping them loyal over time anticipating their needs;

– Consolidate the relationship of trust with our customers regarding theirs needs by satisfying their requirements as much as possible;

– Make choices of environmental, corporate and governance sustainability.


The pursuit of these objectives is guaranteed by a constant commitment of the company to monitor changes in the reference context, manage risks and seize opportunities and, at the same time, keep the Quality Management System aligned with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard in order to guarantee the continuity of the company’s business.

Rollwasch® Italiana SpA’s Quality Management System is based on the following fundamental principles: ➡️

  • Customer orientation:

    To understand their present and future needs, to meet their requirements and to aim to exceed their own expectations.

  • Shared leadership:

    Which must guarantee unity of purpose, guidelines and an internal environment capable of determining the full involvement of the staff in the pursuit of the objectives defined by the company.

  • Staff awareness and engagement:

    Which is an essential aspect, assuming that the essence of the company consists precisely of the staff, which transforms the commitment to Quality into concrete daily actions aimed at its achievement.

  • Process-based approach:

    To achieve the expected results more efficiently.

  • Systemic approach to management:

    Necessary to identify, understand and manage the set of business processes that must be coherent and interconnected with each other in order to pursue the established objectives and to contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of the company.

  • Continuous improvement:

    Which is a permanent objective of the company.

  • Decisions based on facts:

    Because effective decisions are based on the logical and intuitive analysis of data and real information.

  • Mutually beneficial relationships with business partners and suppliers:

    Because a relationship of this type improves the ability of individual players and of the production chain in its entirety to create value

The daily implementation of these fundamental principles helps to continuously improve the internal potential of the company, which on the other hand profits greatly also from the involvement, motivation and sensitization of all to operate always bearing in mind their dual role as Customer and Supplier, which for everyone is expressed:

  • As a Customer, in demanding the highest level of quality from those who carry out the work upstream of the position held, while ensuring the best possible definition of the requirements of what is required;
  • As a Supplier, in ensuring the highest level of quality in the product/service generated by their work, in constantly proposing improvements, and in the commitment to carry out their own activities with the utmost correctness, so as to avoid remakes.


Rollwasch® makes available to potential customers a free finishing preliminary test.

Calculating the productivity of a mass surface finishing machine is not difficult, providing that you know the process data related to timing and to the quantities that can be treated per unit time.

The preliminary test has the aim to identify as more accurately as possible these parameters, as well as to show the achievable quality.

To request a test, it is enough to send a few raw samples, specifying the quality to reach (with a reference sample or data like roughness Ra), the quantity to be treated and the number of hours worked per day. For any doubt, just call or send us an e-mail.

Rollwasch® offers to potential customers a «pilot production» service too, with participation to costs. In the era of rapid prototyping, internet and «cloud computing», time is the key element to achieve successful projects.
The «pilot production» service provides the potential client with an efficient tool for determining whether a pre-series of articles with the proposed finishing may or may not obtain a favourable impact from the market, before deciding to invest in any type of machinery.
Rollwasch®, upon participation to the costs, makes available its machines, infrastructures and personnel to carry out this important assessment.

The market is becoming always more complex and to deal with it the best resources are needed, such as the «pilot project», a new form of «responsible advice».
Among the services offered by Rollwasch®, the «pilot project» is a modern and advanced form of «responsible advice» which runs through three main stages:

1. «Finishing Flow Check-up»: an all-round analysis of the methods and costs related to the flow of finishing processes, with all the logistical, administrative, managerial, safety, quality and normative implications.
2. «Pilot project»: the representation of a complete project to achieve an optimized management in order to maintain quality and to improve costs, or to enhance the quality with definite costs in safety and regulatory compliance.
3. «Pilot production»: the verification phase of the requirements envisaged by the project.


Rollwasch® makes available to its clientele a top-quality tanks’ lining service.
Rollwasch® has been offering its coating service for decades with professionalism and competence, through three main phases:
1. Rollwasch® receives the disassembled tank and it carries out a check-in control to verify that the tank has been dispatched under the conditions agreed during the quotation phase (with accessories such as filters, doors, flaps, grids – mounted or disassembled).
2. The tank is subjected to hot removal of the worn lining which is regularly disposed of. Only after this step it is possible to identify if there are problems on the metallic structure of the tank such as to lead to a possible repair of the metal tank, which is always excluded from the offer. If necessary, the customer is informed with a proper estimation about the cost for the repair. Alternatively, the quality control gives the green light to proceed with the new coating.
3. The tank is subjected to internal sandblasting, and then the new lining is applied. If there are reusable accessories such as nets, grids, etc., they are mounted. If the quotation envisages the installation of new filters (Rollwasch® type), they are applied. Finally, the external carpentry of tank is painted in the demanded or in the original colour. After quality check-out, the tank is ready for delivery.

Rollwasch® makes available to its clients a top-quality tanks’ lining service. Among the various coatings offered by Rollwasch® service it is possible to choose: 
• CPU – Casted PU;
• RPU – Reported PU;
• SPU – Sprayed PU;
• VUR – Vulcanized Rubber

The service is multi-brand (not limited to Rollwasch® tanks).
All linings, with the exception of RPU, envisage the hot removal of the worn lining, the sandblasting of the internal part of the tank, the application of the new coating and the external painting.

Rollwasch® has reached and overcome 70 years of experience, with an activity rewarded by great results and with large satisfaction from the big part of our clients.
This report of an activity developed in an extreme specialised field, even if embracing more than 220 different commodities categories, may inspire optimism. However, at Rollwasch® we are inclined to a positive realism. Indeed, we offer a whole series of objective protections for our clients’ projects, that space from finishing tests to pilot production, from the responsible project analysis to, in some cases, the «pre-delivery» of systems at our own headquarters.
In this case, the more demanding customers can ask to use their own systems before delivery, for a limited period of time, in order to tune given recipes, processes and experiences which are preparatory to the best production start-up possible at destination site, during the final delivery.