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VBT – VibroBLAST Technology

Rollwasch® introduces a new surface finishing technology: VibroBLAST, result of three patent applications and about 8 years of research, in addition to a close collaboration with sandblasting and aspiration/air filtration specialists. Everything strictly «made in Italy».
A patent for the VibroBLAST process, a patent for the specific use for special Additive Manufacturing «post-processes», like the finishing strategies which prevent the pollution of the additive components and, finally, a patent specifically dedicated to the special vibrofinishing elastic media of QuattroFinish or QF.

But what distinguishes the VibroBLAST process from a normal sandblasting or vibrofinishing process? And why choose this «hybrid» process, a technology resulting from the synergy between two known techniques? Get in touch with us! Many processes based today on two different operations, one of which carried out manually, can be executed automatically with VibroBLAST with a single machine, and with only one process.

In any case it is very important to underline that, although this technology includes ALSO solutions dedicated to the Additive Manufacturing POST PROCESSES, it offers advantages to the most varied sectors of use, both for metallic components and for polymers and also for other materials, such as wood, ceramics, composites, not necessarily manufactured in Additive, but also die-casted, injection-molded, milled, from laser cutting, from water-cutting, from oxygen-flame cutting, hot moulded, forged, etc.

The development of the VibroBLAST programme

Rollwasch® programmed the presentation of VibroBLAST solutions over time, as represented in the following diagram. Some special configurations, like the VibroBLAST ICE line, are not reported in the diagram even if programmed by time.