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DragBLAST technology is the result of the combination between Drag Finishing machines (or variants covered by international patent such as Eccentric Finishing or Carving Finish) and sandblasting, shot peening or shot blasting systems expressly designed.

This revolutionary vision of possible operating dynamics and combinations of state-of-the-art technologies has opened very interesting and different perspectives.

The potentials of this technology range from depression (or venturi) sand-blasting processes to pressure ones (with medium-large machines), from turbine processes (with quite big or very large machines) to wet technologies for interesting applications in medical, food and aerospace field.

The managing of more axis such as the inclination angle of a rotary head or of a spindle, the satellite rotation or counter-rotation speed, the up and down vertical axis and the suitable managing of sandblasting nozzles with relevant movements and strokes, allows infinite combinations among the operating variables.

On one hand, DragBLAST technology is part of PMRF (Precision Material Removal Finishing) processes family. Indeed, components to treat can be fixed to suitable frames and involved where needed and for the time needed.

On the other hand, in relation to sandblasting technologies that are implemented, it is a separate technology.

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