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ECOSONIC technology is the demonstration of how multi-disciplinary Rollwasch® vision is able to be. A vision that has combined in this important project the best available resources at European level.

First of all, ECOSONIC technology permits to accomplish complete systems of washing, rinsing and drying, in automatic and with investments on average more moderate than classic automatic systems available on the market.

This result is due to the particular multitasking operating dynamic enabled by the combination of several factors as follows:

1. a circular vibrofinishing tank imposes to pieces that has to be washed a three-dimensional motion conveyed by special vectorial «media» called QF, with elastic and damping action – this thanks to a 1500 rpm motor-vibrator commanded by inverter;

2. a titanium sonotrode – conveniently placed few millimetres up the «media/pieces» mass and some centimetres down water level – produces an ultrasonic frequency equal to 20 Khz (twenty thousand times / second) and this engenders cavitation and deep cleaning in the involved components;

3. a hydraulic system made of tanks, pumps, filters and pneumatic discharging valves allows process liquids to effect separate and thermo-controlled washing and rinsing cycle phases, while a hot air insufflation system permits the final «dripping out» and drying phases of the washed parts.

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