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The programme of vibratory machines offered by Rollwasch® Italiana S.p.a. is one of the most complete and modern available worldwide today.
The vibratory machines with circular tank are available starting from 3 litres until a maximum of 1900 litres of capacity. There are standard models as well as high frequency ones for ball burnishing, with automatic separation or manual unloading, with flat bottom or with spiral ramp…

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The programme of rotary barrels offered by Rollwasch® Italiana Spa is a timeless “classic” in a modern form, always ready to face new generations and up to its role thanks to practical innovations in the fluid and waste management dynamics…

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What a Microfluid surface finishing process is and when it is useful to employ it, is easily understandable from the two illustrative diagrams shown below….

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Rollwasch®’s programme of rotating disc barrelling machines, most commonly called “turbo”, is complete and includes models from 8 up to 350 litres of nominal capacity. This machines series, originally called “Rollturbo” and more recently named “RDF” (Rollwasch Disc Finishing), is composed of three categories of machines…

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The drying of the absorbent grit is obtained through the contact with a series of resistances placed under the fixed grid, that is immediately after the ascending ramp for the pieces. The design of the Sicor dryers allows the perfect compatibility with the most important and modern Rollwasch®’s machines. According to the type and quantity of pieces to be dried daily…

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The “Hydrometal” programme of drying and deoiling centrifuges offered by Rollwasch® Italiana Spa includes machines in stainless steel with removable basket, with or without heating unit…

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PMRF – Precision Material Removing Finishing


The programme of “Ipermatic TEP” drag finishing machines offered by Rollwasch® Italiana Spa is a further step towards very high quality standards, today accessible with reduced investments and limited costs thanks to innovative “processes” and a media and compound programme without equal on the global market…

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LERFIT – Leading Edge Robotic Finishing Tech


Rollwasch®’s machines and automatic systems programme for Wave Finishing “RoboTEP” allows to achieve new goals in the finishing standards, relying on the principles of centrifugal force…

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BLT – Blasting Technology


The programme of sandblasting and shot peening machines offered by Rollwasch® Italiana Spa.  is the result of the continuous simplification of the market standards and of the careful application of reliable components, such as the suction cyclones, the supply turbines, the spare parts and the prompt assistance…

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VBT – VibroBLAST Technology


Rollwasch® introduces a new surface finishing technology: VibroBLAST, result of three patent applications and about 8 years of research, in addition to a close collaboration with sandblasting and aspiration/air filtration specialists. Everything strictly «made in Italy»…

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DBT – DragBLAST Technology


DragBLAST technology is the result of the combination between Drag Finishing machines (or variants covered by international patent such as Eccentric Finishing or Carving Finish) and sandblasting, shot peening or shot blasting systems expressly designed

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IWT – Industrial Washing Technology


The programme of screw washing and drying systems (“Rotoroll”) offered by Rollwasch® Italiana Spa, is the result of many years of specific experience in the mass metal surface finishing field. There are many possible plant solutions, both with standard machines and with turnkey systems manufactured according to the customer specifications…

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The programme of drying tunnels with conveyor belts (“Drytun”) offered by Rollwasch® Italiana Spa, is the result of many years of specific experience in the mass metal surface finishing field. There are many possible plant solutions, both with standard machines and with turnkey systems manufactured according to the customer specifications…

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The programme of ultrasound machines and plants offered by Rollwasch® Italiana Spa., is the result of the close collaboration with leading companies in the sector. Depending on the countries in which these plants are offered, the programme may change according to the trade agreements.
The “US” programme is supported by a complete catalogue which can be requested by sending the appropriate form…

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ECOSONIC technology is the demonstration of how multi-disciplinary Rollwasch® vision is able to be. A vision that has combined in this important project the best available resources at European level.

First of all, ECOSONIC technology permits to accomplish complete systems of washing, rinsing and drying, in automatic and with investments on average more moderate than classic automatic systems available on the market…

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E-LYTE – Electro Chemical Technology


E-LYTE is the acronym of «Electro-Lyte» or electrolyte, the liquid chemical environment within which an electro chemical process such as the electro chemical polishing can be developed:

electrical current and electrolyte applied to a surface with adequate preparation…

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COAT – Coating Technology


Rollwasch® has developed extremely interesting, innovative, automatic and safe coating solutions.

On one hand, Steam DYEING technology allow to steam dye components in plastic materials or in composite materials with polymers base.

On the other hand, RotoPAINT technology permits the painting or the coating with various composites (for example lubricating or waterproofing) through rotary barrels of special conception.

The two technologies differ in the type of affixed substances and in the way the colour is applied to the surface…

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WTF – Water Treatment & Filtering Technology


The programme of “Rolldepur” machines and plants offered by Rollwasch® Italiana S.p.a. is the result of a specialized experience applied to the surface finishing field since the end of the 80’s, when the laws that regulate the industrial waste water treatment became more and more strict in the European Community. The Rolldepur programme…

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QFM – Quattrofinish Special Media


Rollwasch® has come up with a new range of finishing media with extraordinary quality and performances – QUATTROFINISH series. This denomination means FOUR (as the number) and FINISH, since it assures the finishing….

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KEM – Rollkemik Compounds


The programme of chemical compounds and consumables offered by Rollwasch® Italiana S.p.a.

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ROLLMEDIA – Media for Surface Finishing


The programme of “media” offered by Rollwasch® Italiana S.p.a. is one of the most complete and modern available nowadays at international level.  As a manufacturer, Rollwasch® Italiana S.p.a. works in conformity with procedures and standards that assure the best quality and consistent performance over time. Our programme includes plastic, ceramic and porcelain abrasive chips, stainless steel balls and media, vegetal grits for drying and for dry finishing processes. Moreover, we offer particular series of media such as Tecnoplast, Elasto, Caviar, Oyster and others, which complete a programme able to satisfy any kind of finishing requirement…

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ENG – Engineering & Industry 4.0


Engineering & Accessories

The engineering service offered by Rollwasch® Italiana S.p.a. offers a well-established international experience based on innovative solutions…

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IntegrAM – Post Processing & Finishing for AM


A program, a know-how, a patent asset and a multinational team, dedicated exclusively to 3D printing, Additive Manufacturing and its post-processes and surface treatments.

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