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KEM – Rollkemik Compounds

Rollwasch® has always produced finishing chemical compounds and today the production program is enriched by a formulations’ series which goes beyond the one originally linked to vibrofinishing, like for example:

– Specific compounds for waste water treatment, flocculants, pH adjusters; – Chemical compounds and preparations for elastomers’ coating, such as lubricants or waterproofing compounds; – Compounds for polymers’ Steam SURFACING; – ELY-TECH additives for electro chemical polishing; – Compounds for industrial washing, phosphodegreasing, degreasing and protective compounds.

About the specialised products of original Rollwasch® program that has always been offered for surface finishing, ROLLKEMIK range offers chemical compound for:

– Degreasing – Deburring / Smoothing – Anti-corrosion protection – Polishing and polished smoothing – Burnishing – Pastes and gels for DiaFINISH processes – Pastes and gels for DiaGRIT processes – Gels for AbraGEL – MicroFLUID processes – Protective smoothers – Coagulants – Anti-foam – Smoothing cremes, pre-polishing – Polishing and super polishing cremes – Burnishing cremes