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E-LYTE is the acronym of «Electro-Lyte» or electrolyte, the liquid chemical environment within which an electro chemical process such as the electro chemical polishing can be developed:

electrical current and electrolyte applied to a surface with adequate preparation.

On these apparently simple variables depend the result of an electro chemical polishing process.

The Hardware component, that is the system, does all the rest.

Rollwasch® cooperates with Delmet Srl that, thanks to its expertise and high specialisation, has been dedicated only to electro chemical technologies since 1949.

Two parallel stories which testify a «made in Italy» of absolute quality, professionality and passion and which today merge into a multidisciplinary scenario able to accept the most extreme challenges.

In symbiosis (like many living beings in nature are) Rollwasch® and Delmet offer an important synergy originating from the consideration that a good substratum can be undergone to an electro chemical process with the utmost quality expectations possible.

Finally, Rollwasch® consolidated experience in robotic integration allows the two technological partners to write a new story.